The Fingerprint Bureau

Crime scene investigation Crime scene investigation Crime scene investigation

Fingerprint analysis is a crime-fighting tool that dates back more than 100 years, but fingerprints are still the most likely way of identifying someone from a crime scene mark.

Hundreds of fingerprints are sent to the bureau each day from crime scenes ranging from stolen cars to murders.

A fingerprint officer analyzing a printThe Fingerprint Bureau, which is based at headquarters, opened in 1996 and replaced the North Eastern Fingerprint Bureau in Durham, which served all three of the region's forces.

The bureau, is made up of 33 police staff. This includes three senior fingerprint officers, 15 fingerprint officers, two Support Services Supervisors, five Tenprint clerks and seven Support Services Administrators.

The bureau is split into three teams, the CJ Team (which includes Tenprints and DNA), and North and South search teams.


Crime scene investigation