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Dogs which require re-homing

Northumbria Police frequently have dogs which are looking for a new home. Most of the dogs we rehome have not been police trained, although we occasionally have a retired police dog available, but most are under a year old and have failed to meet the required standards of the force. Northumbria Police only re-house our dogs as pets and not for them to be used as guard dogs or for breeding purposes.

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Types of dogs

While the German Shepherd is the mainstay of the Dog Section, Springer and Cocker Spaniels may also become available. Occasionally other breeds become available as well.

What is the procedure?

If you think you can give one of our dogs a new home then it is quite simple to apply. Just fill in the form via this link to record your interest > > >

A police officer from dog training will conduct a check of police records to assess the suitability of the potential owner.

The details will then be filed pending a suitable dog becoming available.

Potential Owner Viewing Available Dog

When a dog becomes available the potential owner will be invited to the Kennel Block at Headquarters to view and meet the dog.

If the owner wants the dog the Kennel Attendant will arrange for a police dog handler to conduct a ‘home check’ of the potential new owners’ home address prior to the dog being handed over.

Dog Homed With New Owner

Provided the initial police checks of the owner and the home address are satisfactory then the dog can be handed to the new owner.

The new owner will be advised of safety aspects dependent upon the police training and knowledge of the dogs’ temperament.

The new owner then signs to accept responsibility for ownership of the dog.

The owner provides payment in full for the dog

The owner will then be advised that if they inform the Kennel Attendant or police dog handler within one month that there is an issue with the dog which makes it unsuitable for them or their family then the force will accept return of the dog and the purchase cost will be reimbursed.


Fees for our dogs range between £100 - £600 (payments to be made by cheque only) depending on that particular dog’s pedigree and breeding and all dogs under the rehoming scheme are microchiped.

Northumbria Police are always open to the offer of dogs which may make the grade as Police dogs. We are only interested in pure breed German Shepherd, for use as general purpose police dogs, and pure breed Springer / Cocker Spaniels for specialist work.

If you have a dog which meets these requirements and has high drive and confidence (not necessarily aggression) and you would like to have it considered for the role, then please telephone 101 extension 68636 / 68699 with the details of your dog e.g. age, sex, etc. If a member of staff is unable to receive your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Dogs Who Are In Need Of Rehoming

Sorry, we currently have no dogs up for rehoming


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