Attending Hearings

If you wish to attend a hearing

If you wish to attend, you must book your place in advance by sending an e-mail to in order to register your interest. In the e-mail you must provide:

- Your full name
- Date of birth 
- Home address
- The date of the hearing you wish to attend
- T
he name of the person involved.

Any interested members of the media must also register attendance as outlined above. Media enquiries should be directed to the Media Relations Team at Police Headquarters.

Successful observers will receive a return email which will include information what to do next.

Attending a hearing

The hearing allows for 20 observers to attend, allocation will be on a first come basis. If you have any accessibility requirements, please let us know in your e-mail so we can ensure your needs are met.

Upon attending the location of the hearing, you will be required to present photographic identification, for example a driving licence or passport.

You will not be allowed admittance unless you have pre-registered. We reserve the right to restrict entry.

No filming, audio recording or taking of photographs of the proceedings is permitted.

Water will be provided during the hearing.

Forthcoming Hearings

Duration:  Two Days

Dates & times:  Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th September 2017
10:30am – 16:00

Officer:  PC 8096 Peter McAll

Location:  Old Magistrates Court, Houghton Police Station, Dairy Lane, Houghton Le Spring, DH4 5BL

In relation to:

The alleged Conduct:

(a) On the 18th August 2015, whilst on duty, the officer committed an offence contrary to section 1A of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (Causing serious injury by dangerous driving).

The particulars of the offending are as follows:
“On the 18th of August 2015, the officer drove a mechanically propelled vehicle dangerously on a
road, namely Earsdon Road, Whitley Bay and thereby caused serious injury to the complainant
contrary to section 1A of the Road Traffic Act 1988”

(b) On the 20th March 2017, the officer appeared before Teesside Crown Court and was convicted of the offence described at (a) above. The officer was sentenced on the 18th April 2017 to a term of imprisonment for a period of 15 months, suspended for a period of 24 months, and disqualified
from driving for a period of three years. The officer was ordered to pay the costs incurred by the
Crown Prosecution Service in the sum of £6969.08.

The officer’s conduct and resultant conviction set out at (a) and (b) above breached the
Standards of Professional Behaviour contained in Schedule 2 to the Police (Conduct) Regulations
2012, in particular:

Discreditable Conduct

Orders & Instructions

And amounts to Gross Misconduct

Closing date to register interest in attending: 4:00pm – Tuesday 5th September 2017

Further information: Under new Home Office regulations this hearing will be held in public.