Business Support

Head of Business Support, Dawn TurnbullOur purpose is to deliver a responsive efficient business support and transactional service to operational policing and the public.

Business Support brings together a wide range of services in order to support the force in the delivery of policing services.

The Business Support department provides both central transactional and geographically based support. 

The Central Support Unit which is based at Gateshead Police Station provides a force wide shared service, dealing with the majority of transactional tasks and processes on behalf of HR, Finance, Tape Transcription and also offer a Customer Services Helpline to deal with more generalised queries.

The geographically local based services provide standardised support to operational policing across various locations within the 3 geographic areas; these services include Front Office, Sector Support, Property, CCTV, Secretariat, Cleaning and the maintenance and health and safety of the buildings.

Delivering a responsive and efficient business support services to policing and the public is key to the department

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