Our Surveys, Your Feedback

A survey being carried outNorthumbria Police want to give the best possible service to our communities, and want you to be happy with the service we deliver and have confidence that we are dealing with the issues that matter in your local area.

To make sure we are delivering the service you expect, the Public Insight Team, based at Police Headquarters in Ponteland, carry out surveys with those who have reported a crime or incident to the police or who are residents of the force area. This includes telephone surveys, email surveys, face-to-face interviews, discussion groups and occasional postal surveys to ask about problems in their local areas and the service they have received from the Police if they have reported an incident.

The purpose of these surveys is to provide area commands and departments with insight and understanding about victim experiences, public priorities, and public opinion and expectations. The information can then support and inform Northumbria Police to shape and improve the service we deliver and ensure we are communicating effectively with you.

A female carrying out a telephone surveyHave you been asked to take part in one of our telephone surveys?

If you are a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour, our staff at Northumbria Police may telephone to ask you for feedback about the service you received from us through one of our victim surveys. On average, we survey around 400 victims per month

Every month our telephone interviewers also ask around 500 people to take part in a police and partner resident’s survey to ask people about local Crime and ASB about services received from police and council (known as the Safer Communities Survey).

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