Spring 2018 - As our wild birds start to build nests, lay eggs and raise chicks a reminder that ALL wild birds their eggs and young are protected and it is against the law to take, damage or destroy their nests while being built or in use. In effect this means that activities like trimming or cutting trees, bushes, hedges, renovating, converting or demolishing buildings, particularly at this time of year, should take place only after appropriate checks have been carried out to ensure birds’ nests are not present. Certain birds and their young are further protected against disturbance in or near their nests.

If you see birds, their eggs or young being taken or harmed or nests being damaged whilst they are in use call the police.

Nesting birds can also be at risk from people who want to watch and photograph them. Northumberland Wildlife Trust have recently raised concerns for barn owls nesting near the Northumberland coast.  Watchers and photographers have in the past gathered in large numbers on the parent birds flight path to and from the nest, so disturbing them as they attempt to feed their chicks. Barn owls are one of the species that receive additional protection against disturbance so the actions of these people may be unlawful. When watching and photographing birds please be aware of how your actions, together with the actions of others, may affect them and their young.

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