Architectural Liaison Officer

Northumbria Police's Architectural Liaison Officer, Brian Stobbs, advises architects, developers and planners about crime prevention opportunities through design.

He uses tried and tested methods such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) crime prevention scheme Secured by Design to help architects and developers think about crime prevention at the earliest opportunity.

Architects and designers are also encouraged to apply for certification for the Secured by Design scheme and to use Design and Access Statements.

For further information contact Brian Stobbs.

Design and Access Statement

A Design and Access Statement is a report accompanying and supporting a planning application that should explain and justify the proposal. It must accompany all applications for both outline and full planning permission (unless they relate to a material change in use of land and buildings, engineering or mining works, or householder developments).

It enables designers of new developments to demonstrate, in their planning applications, how they are designing out opportunities for crime. If they fail to do so, the local planning authority may not validate the application or ask for further information, either of which could delay the process. A successful statement will make the planning authority aware of the crime and disorder problems in the area of the application and show what measures are being taken to alleviate them.

Please click here to download and make use of the booklet.

The booklet will help you create your design and access statement and help you fulfil your obligation to reduce crime by design.

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