Home security advice

A house door left openA row of modern houses.An image of a window left open

Your home is the place where you and your family spend most of your time.

By taking simple precautions you can prevent the opportunist thief from having the chance to steal from your home.

These pages contain basic information to help you protect your home and your property.

What a burglar looks for:

  • A home which looks empty

  • Easy access to the back of the building

  • Trees and high bushes in surrounding area which provide good cover

  • Homes with no visible signs of protection such as alarms or lighting.

When they’ve chosen a property they will:

  • Look through the windows to see inside

  • Check if any neighbours are watching

Tips to keep your home safe:

  • Keep windows and doors locked when you go out and even when you're at home

  • Consider fitting an approved burglar alarm system

  • Take steps to ensure your home looks secure from the outside

  • If you go out in the evening, close curtains and set light timers

  • Consider fitting a letter-box cage to stop intruders reaching inside

  • Don't hide spare keys in the garage, shed or outside

  • If you store larger items such as bikes in a shed make sure it is secure, and use bike locks.


Even the best security won't deter thieves if you don't LOCK THE DOOR.