Language free


Anti social behaviour Poster Driving Poster Extremism  Poster Alcohol Poster

A picture paints a thousand words. Northumbria Police has produced its first ever package of short films, posters and leaflets without the use of any language or text.

The specialist Language-Free Crime Prevention package of information is aimed at migrant communities and people whose first language is not English.

It focuses on eight key topic areas - anti-social behaviour, knife crime, hate crime, suspicious behaviour leading onto more series crime such as terrorism, violent crime, internet safety, alcohol leading to vulnerability and driving in the UK.

Some of the messages are informative such as you need a driving licence, MOT certificate and insurance to drive legally in the UK, others more complex, eg simple arguments can quickly escalate into more violent incidents, walk away and call police.

Hate Crime Poster Internet Safety Poster Violent Crime Poster Knife Crime Poster

Northumbria Police Harm Reduction Inspector Denise Wouldhave, said: “There are many forms of crime prevention literature covering a host of topics. However most, if not all, rely on the use of language to convey a message or advice to the reader.

“Northumbria Police wanted to produce something that could be universally understood by everyone and opted for language free information. This meant that all key messages needed to be conveyed with only the use of images.

“Sometimes people who move into the area from other countries are not always aware they have been a victim of a crime or could have called for police assistance. This information will help people understand what kinds of behaviour are not tolerated and when to call for police.”

With the help of funding from the Migration Impact Fund, design agency Beacon Creative, based in Gateshead and Newcastle’s Superkrush Films worked with Northumbria Police to produce the package.

Other videos from Northumbria Police can be found on the forces Youtube channel.