Rural Crime and Farm Security

A farmer’s property can be spread over many acres and because much of this is portable, it can be easy to steal.

While access to most farms makes total security impossible, much can be done which will reduce the risks but not increase the costs.

The advice and information in these pages will help you to keep your home, farm and possessions safe.

Perimeter & Outbuildings

Farm outbuildings

Security around the perimeter of farm premises and outbuildings is important and you should remember to Read more...



Grazing animals can be targeted by thieves and should be treated like any other valuable, with crime prevention Read more...

Quads, trailers and tools

A quad bike

These items are expensive and can be costly to replace. They need to be protected. Read more...

Register your vehicles

A farm tractor

You can register your farm vehicles in a variety of ways. Read more...



Tack is expensive and can be protected.

Home security

A key being placed into a lock

Protecting your home is just as important as protecting your farm Read more...

Fuel theft

A fuel cap

Fuel theft can occur from both domestic tanks and vehicles but you can help prevent this by Read more...    

Scrap Metal Dealers


From 1 October 2013 mobile scrap dealers collecting in all areas must be licensed by their local authority under the Read more...


Farmwatch logo

Farmers and members of the rural community can join the successful Northumbria Police Farmwatch scheme Read more...