Perimeter & Outbuildings security

590X300 Outbuildings

Security around the perimeter of farm premises and outbuildings is important and you should remember to:

  • Restrict access to your farm with fences and hedges which are kept in good repair and regularly checked for breaches or weak spots.

  • Keep gates locked and ensure they can’t be lifted off the hinges.

  • Use storage facilities which reflect the value of your property. A secondary secure storage such as a container should be used if necessary.

  • Use British Standard locks and high security closed shackle padlocks. 

  • Reinforce wooden doors and door frames, protecting windows with grilles, bars or blocking them up completely.

  • Keep outside lighting on a dawn to dusk circuit.

  • Use building or perimeter alarms where possible. CCTV can provide surveillance on places which cannot be seen from the farmhouse.

  • Lock buildings when not in use.

  • Display prominent signs promoting crime prevention measures and ensure employees know that security measures are in place.

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