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Car security

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  • If you have a garage, keep your car in overnight and when it's not in use.

  • If possible remove your vehicle from the street in a drive or garage if you have one.

  • Whenever you leave your car always lock all doors, windows and sun-roofs, even for a short time.

  • Never leave keys in the ignition when you leave your vehicle.

  • Have additional security devices fitted to your car, such as an immobiliser, alarm, gear lock or steering lock. Do not rely on factory fitted items, but look for the Sold Secure logo or visit the Sold Secure website for recommended locks and alarms etc.

  • Have your car windows etched with the vehicle identification number (VIN).

  • Never leave items on show when you leave the car, especially any sat nav systems. This and the sat nav cradle should always be removed from unattended vehicles. Do not leave it hidden in the car, and clean the suction cup mark of the holder from the window.

  • If you must leave items in the vehicle put them in the boot out of sight. If you buy a valuable item, never store it in the boot and then continue shopping. For further advice see the Home Office publication, ‘Steer clear of car crime’.

  • Think about where you park - use well lit places or secure car parks if possible.

  • Never leave car documents or spare keys inside the vehicle.