Variation of a firearm certificate

Once a firearm certificate has been granted, an application to vary the firearms and ammunition authorised or held must be made to the chief officer of police of the area in which the holder lives.

All applications for variations must be made using Form 201V, available to download below:

No new photographs or referees are required.

The appropriate fee is payable only when the variation application results in an increase in the number of firearms authorised by the certificate. This fee is waived when a variation application is made at the same time as a renewal.


A variation application is required when there are changes to the Firearms you possess or intend to acquire. This does not apply to guns held by virtue of a Shot gun certificate.

One-for-one variations

  • On every occasion when you wish to replace an existing firearm.

  • On every occasion when you wish to change an authority you already have, to enable you to acquire a gun of a different calibre or a component part.

These applications are free of charge if submitted within a reasonable period of time after disposal.

For all other variations a fee of £20.00 is payable. This would include circumstances when;

  • The number of guns and/or component parts you hold increases, this includes the addition of sound moderators.

Your current firearm certificate must be sent to Firearms Licensing at the same time that a variation application is submitted. There is no requirement however for you to submit new photographs or referee details with a stand alone variation application. 

A request to vary the firearms you wish to acquire, submitted as part of a renewal application does not attract a variation fee. The renewal application must be completed in full including the requirement to submit photographs, referee details and the renewal fee. The renewal takes priority and any variation would not be authorised until the renewal certificate is issued.