School BullyingIf you suspect someone is at immediate risk of physical or psychological harm from bullying then notify the police immediately on either 101 or in an emergency 999.

FACT: name-calling, cyber-bullying (trolling), exclusion, or other behaviour meant to hurt someone is considered bullying. If you see bullying happening, do something about it.

Hitting someone (also referred to as assault), damaging their property may be seen as bullying but are criminal offences which should be reported to the police.

Repeated bullying may be deemed to be harassment, which should also be reported to the police.

Inside School premises
In the first instance, contact your school who have guidelines and strategies already in place to address bullying, to support victims and address offenders behaviour. Schools work with their neighbourhood police team to tackle and stamp out this type of behaviour and officers can speak face to face with those involved within the school. This course of action does not mean the police cannot become involved at a later stage if required.

Outside School premises
The school may still be able to help, especially with cyber bullying as they have a duty of care towards students and policies already in place.

Schools are well trained and experienced in dealing with bullying and you should notify them straight away if you suspect bullying is taking place. 

Who deals with this?

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For more information and advice visit Northumbria Police-



Dated: 04 Jul 2016