Who to contact about: Civil Disputes

Civil disputesA civil dispute can be a disagreement over ownership of property, dissatisfaction with a product or service provided, disputes over debts or bills and many other things where there is a difference in opinion between two or more parties over what was agreed.

It can involve contracts, either written or verbal whereby one party does not feel the other is keeping their end of the bargain.

Circumstances whereby the police need to be contacted e.g. vulnerable / elderly parties - people who may be deliberately targeted by fraudulent trade's people. On the surface this may seem to be a civil dispute but may be a criminal offence. 


You have a loan and feel that the repayment amounts are unfair and have changed. Visit the website below.

If the loan is not from a reputable business and they are not registered to lend money then this is a criminal offence enforced by the illegal money lending team link below. If the demands for money have left you injured or threatened ring the police on 101 (999 if there is a risk of harm). 

You are in dispute with your neighbour over shared access to your property.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly or when things go wrong including: Credit and store cards, Faulty goods, Counterfeit goods, Poor service, Problems with contracts, Problems with builders and Rogue traders you can get help using the links below.

Who deals with this?

For help and advice regarding any of the above scenarios please see the links below for organisations than can offer the best advice in your circumstances:

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Dated: 04 Jul 2016