Who to contact about: Consumer Rights

Consumer rightsConsumers are afforded protection by law when purchasing goods or a service. If you have purchased goods or a service and are unhappy with the quality, it does not match the description provided, it is faulty, broken or is not of a reasonable expected standard then there are agencies who are better placed than the police who can help and offer the right advice.

Trading Standards have powers to prosecute vendors who break the law and can act on your behalf if you have a dispute.

If you or someone you know is vulnerable and has been targeted by a fraudulent person or company please contact 101.


For example, if you have bought a new television set and it breaks within the warranty and the seller
refuses to help or repair the product.

You can get help if you’re treated unfairly or when things go wrong. For example: Counterfeit goods, where you have purchased a branded item and it has become apparent that it is a counterfeit. 

You purchase goods which are misleading in the overall pricing and are unable to return the item against your rights. This is a matter for Trading Standards who ensure people get a fair deal by enforcing pricing and credit laws, investigating misleading price indications and fraudulent trading practices, as well as ensuring the accuracy of goods, services and property descriptions.

You have a loan and feel that the repayment amounts are unfair and have changed. Advice of reporting loan sharks: www.gov.uk/report-loan-shark

Your vulnerable neighbour has been billed £1000 for a job which should have cost less than £100. This is a criminal offence, if the victim is at risk of harm or the offender/s are still there ring 999, otherwise ring 101.

Who deals with this?

The following agencies will offer the right advice and let you know if you have a case or not: 

Contact Information

  • Citizens Advice Bureau South Shields: Call 0191 455 7958

    Jarrow office telephone: Call 0844 499 4715

    South Tyneside Trading standards: Call 0191 424 7887

    E-mail Trading Standards: trading.standards@southtyneside.gov.uk




Dated: 04 Jul 2016