Lost and Found Property

Lost property

We recommend that you record your property using www.immobilise.co.uk. Any property with a serial or identification number can be registered on this website, free of charge. This is a secure website, searchable by police should your item be found. More information is available by visiting the above website.  

Lost Property

Northumbria police do not take reports of lost property and cannot issue a reference number. However if the lost item is dangerous, hazardous or can cause harm, please contact police immediately.

If you have lost an item of property, we recommend that you re-trace your steps and make reasonable enquiries in the area. If lost on public transport, we recommend you contact the operator. If you have lost your item in a shopping centre, pub, leisure centre, etc. then please contact the premises directly.

If you are reporting a lost or stolen foreign national’s passport, please visit your local police station in person for advice. Any other passports or driving licenses should be reported directly to the Passport Office or DVLA using the following link www.gov.uk

We recommend that you record your lost property using www.immobilise.co.uk. Any property with a serial or identification number can be registered free of charge.

Immobilise offer a further reporting service at www.reportmyloss.com. Please note that there is a fee for using this service, however they can provide a reference number for insurance claims.

Found Property

Northumbria police do not routinely accept items of found property. However if you find any of the following items, then please hand them in to the nearest police station:

: Any item that is illegal to possess, such as drugs or firearms

: Identifiable items such as passports or driving licences

: Items of high value or significant sentimental value

: Items which store electronic data such as mobile phones,  laptops etc…

: Large quantities of cash

For low value or unidentifiable items you should make reasonable enquiries to find the owner. The location and circumstances in which the item is found should give clear indication what to do with it. Ask yourself what would a reasonable and honest person do.


  • You lose your mobile phone on a bus.

Solution: make enquiries with the bus operator to see if the phone has been handed in. Log the details of the phone on www.immobilise.co.uk

  • If you found a purse containing the name, address and telephone number of the owner then reasonable steps should be taken to return the item or alternatively hand the item into a responsible authority.  Retaining the purse in these circumstances could be regarded as ‘theft by finding.’ 

    Solution: It is reasonable to hand the item in at the location it is most likely to be recovered by the owner.  For example: Items found in a train station can be handed into Lost and Found.

Who deals with this?

Most public service organisations have their own lost/found property department. They should always be contacted in the first instance.

We recommend recording any lost or found property on the following websites. Northumbria Police will search these sites should an item be found



Dated: 04 Jul 2016