Nuisance Parking

Nuisance parkingParking enforcement includes yellow line restrictions, drivers who park irresponsibly and drivers who wilfully obstruct property or roads. The Highway Code outlines rules for parking and waiting, breaching these rules can lead to the driver receiving a fine.

Councils are able to enforce regulations where parking restrictions exist. In other words, if there are no regulations in place but vehicles are parked in a dangerous position or in circumstances that cause an obstruction, then the Police will deal.

If you find yourself blocked in and there is urgency for you to have clear access then please contact the police on 101.


  • Vehicles are regularly parked outside a school in breach of the road markings to drop off children. 

    Solution: Contact your local council parking enforcement and report the matter.

  • A vehicle is regularly parking in a restricted zone, displaying a disabled blue badge, however the vehicle is not driven by the badge holder and the badge holder is not present in the vehicle.

    Solution: This is an offence and should be reported to your local council.

  • A vehicle has blocked my car in and I urgently need to pick my child up from school. 

    Solution: Contact the Police on 101.

Who deals with this?


  • The local council has identified officers to enforce parking issues.

  • You can also e-mail your neighbourhood policing team via the Northumbria police web site.


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Dated: 04 Jul 2016