Parking tickets/disputes.

Parking ticketPolice no longer regulate car parks or yellow lines. This is now a role carried out by Civil Enforcement Officers employed by the local council. Any mitigation when a ticket is issued must be via the issuing authority. For example: fines for overstaying in a car park, forgetting to put your disability badge on display or being fined for parking on a yellow line.

Local Authorities have an appeals process if you wish to dispute a fine you are issued. All questions and disputes regarding Council parking tickets, broken machines or problems with council car parks etc. should be directed to the relevant department.

Tickets issued on private property such as hospitals or supermarkets can only be considered by the private company who hold the contract for the premises. The details of the company should be clearly displayed on the signage at the location.




  • I wish to appeal a parking fine. Identify the issuing authority.

    Solution: To challenge your parking fine you should do so within the 14 day discount period. In most cases you have 28 days to pay or challenge a ticket.

  • I wish to pay a parking fine

    Solution: There is usually a discount for prompt payment of the fine. Guidance is usually on the ticket.
  • What to do when you have been clamped 

    Solution: Do NOT attempt to remove the clamp as you could commit a criminal damage offence. Contact the local authority if on council land. 


Who deals with this?

Contact the local authority where the ticket was issued, if on council land. Details should be on the ticket issued.


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Dated: 04 Jul 2016