Road Cleaning

Road CleansingIt is the responsibility of the local authority to ensure the roads are kept clean. If you discover any debris in the roadway or foot way that does not present an immediate risk to road users or pedestrians then please let the council know who will arrange to have the debris removed. This can include minor debris from a previous accident, deceased animals, litter or refuse in central reservations, kerbsides, rear lanes, cycle paths and footpaths.

The key to this is using common sense, a diesel spill making the road slippery obviously presents an immediate risk, dislodged loads spilled in the roadway or large or heavy items blocking the carriageway should be immediately reported to the police on either 101 or in an emergency 999.


  • There is a rubbish bag at the side of the road and the traffic is busy

    Solution: Contact your local council cleansing department for safe removal.

  • There is a tree fallen in the road on a bend.

    Solution: Contact the police in the first instance to redirect traffic.

  • There is litter and debris blowing across the road and the hedgerow looks unsightly.

    Solution: Contact the local council for removal. 
  • There is broken glass in the road or an old car exhaust that has fallen off and is lying at the side of the road.

    Solution: Contact the local council for removal. 

Who deals with this?

The local authority

In an emergency, the police


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Dated: 04 Jul 2016