Street lighting

Street LightingThe majority of street lighting is the responsibility of the Council to maintain and repair. All reports of broken street lights are to go direct to the council.

If you think a street light has been criminally damaged/ vandalised or have witnessed this contact Police on 101.

For example, a street light in your road has stopped working and you are worried that it’s not safe as you can’t see properly at night. 


  • My street light is no longer illuminating.

    Solution: Contact the local authority

  • All of the lights in the street are off as are the electrics in my property.

    Solution: Contact Electricity provider


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Further Guidance

Lighting of roads is provided to meet the following needs;

  • Road safety – an aid to motorists and pedestrians

  • Public safety – the prevention of crime and vandalism

  • Amenity – lighting of public places, shopping centres and leisure areas.


Dated: 04 Jul 2016