Are you e-safe for 2015?

06 Jan 2015 09:35 AM

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Police are advising the public to be more secure online in 2015.

Technology has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years with the Internet transforming the way we communicate with one another and the way we shop online.

With this in mind, if you haven't already made any New Year's Resolutions it might be worth ensuring that your computer is protected from the risks of cyber crime.

Cyber crime is becoming big business for global criminals. Here are ten top tips for home online users that can hopefully help to secure their computer.

1. Create strong passwords and avoid using the same details for multiple online accounts

2. Secure your computer by installing appropriate firewalls, anti-virus and malware software

3. Make sure your social media profiles are set to 'private' and be careful of the content you post on-line

4. Secure your mobile phone device as they are vulnerable to viruses and hackers

5. Ensure your operating system is up-to-date to avoid potential attacks

6. Consider encrypting important files, for example, tax returns and financial records

7. Secure your Wi-fi network

8. Protect your e-identity and be careful of who you provide your personal details to including date of birth, address and telephone numbers

9. Think carefully before you open any links from 'unknown websites' and be wary of potential scams that aim to extract your personal details

10. If you believe you are a victim of computer crime, for example, identity theft or a commercial scam then it's important that you report it to your local police station. But if you require help with maintenance or software issues please contact your service provider

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