Cyclists urged to keep bikes secure

14 Jan 2015 14:11 PM

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Newcastle cyclists are being urged to keep their bikes secure to avoid being taken for a ride by thieves.

Since the start of the year police in the east of the city have seen an increase in thefts of insecure bikes from rear yards - particularly in the Jesmond and Heaton areas.

And with people receiving new bikes for Christmas and students returning to the city from festive breaks, owners are being urged to invest in good quality locks and make sure they secure bikes, even if leaving it for a few seconds.

The advice is part of Operation Soundwave, a Northumbria Police campaign targeting opportunist thieves and burglars and promoting crime prevention advice to the public. Operation Soundwave is supported by the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird.

Neighbourhood Inspector Neil Brotherton said: "The start of the New Year has seen an increase in thefts of bikes, particularly those which have been left unattended and insecure.

"We'd always encourage people to use a good quality lock and to make sure bikes are secured at all times as bikes left insecure in the garden or in the street present a perfect opportunity for thieves.

"There'll be people who have received new bikes for Christmas, and some bikes are worth hundreds of pounds so it's important people take steps to protect their property.

"By also signing up to free property register Immobilise and registering your bike details, if the bike is stolen and later recovered it can be easily returned to the rightful owner, as well as potentially catching thieves in possession of stolen property.

"By working together we can make it difficult for thieves."

The Commissioner Vera Baird said: "Reducing crime is part of my Police and Crime Plan and I am working closely with the Force to deliver this.

"I know many people received bikes as Christmas presents and hope they will take the opportunity to speak to their local officer or visit the force website to find out what they can do to protect their property.

"It's important to me that when police recover any stolen item they can return it to its rightful owner."

Police advise people to never leave a bike insecure, even just for a few moments to go into a shop, and never leave them insecure in a garden or yard.

Advice includes using a sturdy D-Lock or a combination of locks, which make it difficult for thieves, and when not in use store them in the house or sheds, garages or outbuildings, where they should still be locked to an immovable object when stored.

For more crime prevention advice visit, and sign up to

Police can be contacted on 101 ext 69191, to report a crime ongoing dial 999.