Bogus caller incident Houghton

16 Jan 2015 10:17 AM

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Police are asking residents to be vigilant following a bogus caller incident in Houghton.

It happened on Thursday, January 8, when a resident was contacted by telephone by a caller posing as a bank clerk telling the resident that they were entitled to several thousand pounds as part of an initiative.

The caller then asked the resident to withdraw cash and hand over to a bank representative.

The resident reported the incident to police and no money was handed over to the caller.

Neighbourhood Inspector Lisa Musgrove said: "We urge all residents to remain vigilant and report any calls they receive of this nature to the police straight away.

"Please do not be fooled by these callers, even if they sound professional, and don't be frightened to let them know you will make contact with Northumbria Police to confirm their identity. 

"Any genuine callers will not mind waiting while their identification is checked. Genuine callers will not mind being asked to come back at a different time so their identification can be checked or while arrangements are made for a relative or friend to be present when they return."

Enquiries into the incident are ongoing and police ask anyone who may have any information or who may have received a similar call to call 101 quoting reference 685 08/01/15.