Extra patrols after parking issues raised

16 Jan 2015 15:43 PM

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Police in Gateshead are carrying out extra patrols around schools after complaints of inconsiderate parking.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team have received a number of complaints about drivers in Whickham parking inconsiderately on pathways, blocking driveways and causing obstructions at the start and end of the school day.

In some cases drivers are blocking roads and potentially causing a danger to school children and other pedestrians.

The Inner West Neighbourhood Policing Team will be patrolling schools in Whickham at school start and finish times to speak to drivers about the issue and monitor the situation.

Neighbourhood Inspector Cheryl Warcup said: "Nuisance and illegal parking is a big concern to local residents. Careless parking causes problems for other motorists in the area, for bus drivers, for pedestrians and people living near to the local schools.

"It also creates a potential safety risk for children going in and out of school, as inconsiderately parked cars reduce visibility around the schools and could be dangerous.

"We are appealing to people to think about where they are parking, park in designated areas, or park away from the school and walk to it."

To speak to your local Neighbourhood Policing Team you can call 101.