Don't advertise to thieves on social media

19 Jan 2015 10:40 AM

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Police in South Tyneside are urging people not to advertise their expensive gifts to thieves.

Officers are reminding residents to be cautious about revealing too much information on social media sites about Christmas presents received or any other expensive items they own plus where they are being stored at their home.

The warning comes following incidents where bikes have been stolen after pictures were uploaded to social media sites.

The advice is part of Northumbria Police's Operation Soundwave, aimed at keeping opportunist thieves and burglars at bay.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Sean McGuigan said: "We fully understand people want to show off their new items such as bikes or motorbikes or other Christmas gifts, but we are urging people to think twice before revealing information on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

"We would always advise people to be cautious when showing off expensive items on social networking sites and if people really want to do this, they should be careful about what information they give out.

"People shouldn't accept friend requests from those they don't know, particularly if they come on the back of them posting images of expensive items.

"If unusual questions also come to them via these sites, people should be very careful about what information they give in reply.

"Privacy settings should be checked and people should be aware that those they don't know may have access to their plans or personal information about them, their home and their property if these aren't set correctly.

"We would always urge people to think twice before putting personal and specific details into the public domain."

For more crime prevention information visit, while people are urged to sign up to free property register Immobilise at
It's also vital residents report anything suspicious to police straight away so they can investigate. Police can be called on 101, or to report a crime in progress dial 999.

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