Businesses urged to be cyber safe

23 Jan 2015 10:27 AM

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Police are urging businesses to check their security and make sure they're cyber safe.

The warning comes on the back of an annual report by American company Cisco Systems which reveals attackers are finding it easier to take advantage of gaps in security.

The report follows a survey of 1,700 companies in the UK and eight other countries. While 90% of those surveyed said they were confident in their cyber security capabilities, 60% are not patching software systems and only 10% are running the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

The company's intelligence research also revealed hackers are shifting their focus from compromising servers and operating systems to exploit users at browser and email level.

With this in mind, police are asking businesses to ensure their computers are protected from the risks of cyber crime.

Allan Brown, Northumbria Police Crime Prevention Design Adviser, said: "We would urge companies to look again at their security provision in light of this report.

"Cyber crime is becoming a big business for global criminals but there companies can take security steps to stop their computers being attacked in this way.

"The Northumbria Police website has advice and information on e-safety while various other online resources exist offering guidance for businesses, including the Government's own cyber security pages.

"We would advise people to look at this information to ensure they are cyber safe."

Advice and information can be found on the Northumbria Police website,

Advice can also be found at

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