Security reminder after burglaries

30 Jan 2015 16:10 PM

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Residents are urged to take steps to secure their homes after burglaries in Newcastle.

Over the past two weeks, ten burglaries have been reported in the Slatyford and Scotswood areas, many of which have happened after homes have been left unlocked.

In one, almost £2,000 worth of property was stolen after thieves got in through an open window. In others, windows have been smashed to gain entry, sometimes during the day.

Three arrests have been made in connection with one of the burglaries, and one in connection with another.

Police are carrying out extra patrols across the area at key times to prevent offences, undercover operations are taking place and suspected offenders are being targeted to identify those involved.

Police are reminding residents to keep their homes secure as part of Northumbria Police's Operation Soundwave, aimed at tackling thieves and burglars across the force and promoting crime prevention advice to residents. The operation is supported by the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird.

Neighbourhood Inspector Alan Davison said: "There's been a recent spate of offences in the area and we've been carrying out extra patrols to prevent burglaries and identify those involved.

"Some of these offences happened after homes had been left insecure with windows open or doors unlocked and it's important people take a few moments to make sure they've secured their home, particularly overnight or if going out.

"It takes a thief just a few seconds to get inside and steal property like phones, bags and keys and it's vital people take time to think about crime prevention as it could make all the difference.

"It's also important people report suspicious information to police straight away - in some of these burglaries windows were smashed during the day and if anyone sees or hears anything suspicious or unusual in their neighbourhood let us know as soon as possible."

Burglary in Newcastle is down 21% so far this year - that's 186 fewer offences compared to the same period last year.

The Commissioner Vera Baird said: "My Police and Crime plan prioritises reducing crime and I know the force is as determined as I am to see results delivered to our communities.

"I hope people living and working in Newcastle make sure they report any suspicious activity to their local police officers and keep the pressure on those determined to commit crimes in our communities."

For more crime prevention information visit, while people are urged to sign up to free property register Immobilise at

It's also vital residents report anything suspicious to police straight away so they can investigate. Police can be called on 101, or to report a crime ongoing dial 999.