Bogus caller incidents

03 Feb 2015 10:47 AM

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Police are advising residents to be on their guard following two bogus caller incidents in Gateshead.

Both incidents involved elderly women residents who had strangers enter their homes uninvited.

The first happened at a house in Whickham at 10am on Monday, February 2.  A 89-year woman had left her front door unlocked and found a stranger in her home who claimed to be carrying out work at a neighbour's home. The resident offered to make him a cup of tea.  After he had left her home she found that a £60 had been stolen from her purse.

The second  incident happened later that morning between 12.30pm and 1pm, at a house in Dunston.

There the 95-year-old woman resident answered a knock at her door from a man who asked to leave a note for her neighbour.
When she went inside for pen and paper her followed her indoors, without being invited inside. While she was distracted he went in several rooms and then left. It is currently not clear if anything was stolen from the house.

Police are linking both offences and have a description of the man they believe is responsible:

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