Road safety visit to a Newcastle school

09 Feb 2015 14:04 PM

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Police called in for a  road safety school visit -  to show how officers help people.

Northumbria Police Motor Patrols officer PC Tom Dryden dropped in to speak to Early Years pupils aged 3 to 5 years at Westfield School in Gosforth recently. The visit was to talk to the children about their topic "People who help us".

PC Dryden chatted to the youngsters about his work as a police officer and how he helps keep children and their families safe by giving people of all ages advice on road safety.

The school have invited a number of organisations in to speak to pupils about their work to give them a better understanding of the wider world.

He said: "The children were very pleased to talk to me and asked lots of questions about my uniform and police car. They were keen to learn about how they can keep themselves and their families safe when they are walking outside and crossing roads. Now they also understand how officers are someone they can go to if they need help."

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