Update to incident outside Army Reserves centre

11 Feb 2015 17:07 PM

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This is an update in relation to an incident in Gateshead where two men shouted comments at two teenage girls in Alexandra Road on January 21.

Enquiries have been carried out into the incident and thanks to information from the public officers have managed to identify the two men in the image. Enquiries are ongoing to locate them.

Gateshead Superintendent Richie Jackson said: "We have identified the two men from the Zafira and we now know they are Romanian nationals who were visiting the area at the time of the incident and not Asian males as first described.

"The two men have since left the country and enquiries are ongoing with Interpol to locate them and speak to them.

"After carrying out enquiries we believe this was an isolated and opportunist incident where the two men have shouted inappropriate comments from their car window at two girls who were walking in the street.

"What they have done has caused a lot of concern to the victims and to the wider community and we are doing all we can to locate these two men and speak to them about their actions."