Fish seller advice

23 Feb 2015 08:19 AM

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Police in Gateshead have teamed up with partners following reports of fish being sold door to door in the town.

Officers have taken several reports of a white transit van doing the rounds with two young men on board offering fish for sale.
A total of eight reports were taken between February 16 and 17 from concerned residents in the outer west area of the town about the doorstep selling.

Officers have since teamed up with Gateshead Council's Trading Standards Department as, even though they do have the product to sell, it may not be fit for human consumption if there is a lack of refridgeration in the van and the fish may also not be what it's sold as or the weight being stated.

Neighbourhood Sergeant for the area, Adrian Oakes, said: "We have had several recent calls from concerned residents believing the van to be suspicious.

"We would always ask people to be wary of buying goods on their doorstep. Even if the caller has the item, it still doesn't mean it's of good quality or is exactly as described.

"Those selling door to door should also have a pedlar's permit which means they have been checked by police. I would urge people to ask for this or better still, refrain from buying items in this way. If the item's a bargain and seems to good to be true, that's because it usually is.

"I'd urge people to continue being vigilant and report any callers that arouses their suspicion. We'd also ask people to look out for their relatives, friends and neighbours if they've had a caller that's unexpected and may move on to them."

Gateshead Council environmental health and trading standards manager, Peter Wright, said: "We have received calls from the public about a group of men selling fish door to door. From the information we have it would appear that the fish is being transported around streets in a van that may not be refrigerated.

"Unrefrigerated fish is likely to be dangerous to eat. There is also no guarantee when buying fish on your doorstep that you are getting what you are being told. It could be a different variety and not the weight claimed. We'd always urge people never to buy perishable food from door to door sellers."

Anyone that spots suspicious activity in their area should contact police on 101, extension 69191.

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