Opportunist thieves on frosty mornings

26 Feb 2015 14:23 PM

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Northumbria Police is reminding motorists to take care when defrosting their vehicles on icy mornings to avoid opportunist thieves.
The advice comes after a car being de-frosted with its engine running, was left unattended and was stolen.

It happened at  4.45am on Thursday, February 26, when a car in Royal Crescent was left unattended on the driveway while the owner went inside the house  He returned a short time later and saw the car being driven off towards Two Ball Lonnen and a youth who ran off down the road.

Neighbourhood Inspector Alan Davison said: "With the current cold weather and icy temperatures drivers can be tempted to start their cars and leave them running while the windows are defrosting.

"However, leaving the keys in the ignition of your vehicle can invite the unwanted attention of opportunist thieves. It's good practice to never leave your vehicle insecure and unattended, even if nearby or only away for a few seconds.

"It might mean it takes a little longer to de-ice your car but it'll ultimately save people anger, frustration and the costs associated with having your car stolen. Insurers may not pay out if a car is stolen under these circumstances."

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