Motorbike disorder in Jarrow

27 Feb 2015 15:52 PM

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Police are clamping down on motorbike disorder in Jarrow.

This follows a number of complaints raised by concerned residents in the Hedworth and Fellgate estates to officers about the issue.

Police have been made aware of riders taking their motorbikes off-road, putting pedestrians and cyclists at risk of injury.

There are extra police patrols in affected areas to identify those responsible for motorcycle disorder and to deter further offending.

These patrols also aim to reassure residents with their increased uniform presence.

Neighbourhood Inspector for Jarrow and Hebburn, Don Wade said: "Officers are taking action by increasing patrols in Hedworth and Fellgate area. We also want to make riders aware that they are committing an offence by riding in these areas without the landowners permission.

"Most importantly they are putting the public at risk by riding in these areas and also compromising their own safety. Some riders also have no licence or insurance which are further offences. 

"Motorcycle disorder not only causes a great annoyance to residents, disrupting their quality of life, but it can also can be extremely dangerous.

"We are concerned this kind of activity could end up with someone getting seriously injured or even killed. Riders also face being arrested for driving offences.

"I would urge anyone with information on motorcycle disorder to contact us so that we can continue to cut offences. We would also ask for local people to give us information about where these bikes are stored. All calls will be treated in confidence."

Police will issue section 59 notices to anyone found riding their bike carelessly. These warn riders that if they continue to drive anti-socially or dangerously their vehicle will be seized and may be crushed.

The action forms part of Operation Dragoon which is Northumbria Police’s response to dangerous drivers whether in cars or on motorbikes.

Anyone with information to assist enquiries is asked to contact Police on 101 ext 69191.