Demonstrations in city pass smoothly

28 Feb 2015 16:46 PM

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Northumbria Police is thanking the public for their cooperation after peaceful demonstrations in Newcastle.

Both the Pegida and Newcastle Unites events took place in the city centre this morning and all demonstrators have now moved from the area.

Police believe around 2,375 people attended the two events - 375 at the Pegida event and 2000 at the Newcastle Unites demonstration.

Five people were arrested as part of the policing operation and these were for isolated incidents within the city centre area.

Newcastle Chief Superintendent Laura Young said: "Both demonstrations passed without any problems and I'd like to thank people in Newcastle for their cooperation and support throughout.

"The vast majority of those that took part in today's events were peaceful and both groups stuck to their agreed times, routes and plans.

"Disruption was kept to a minimum in the city centre and we are very grateful for the assistance and patience shown by the public and those in Newcastle this morning.

"As a force we respect the right to peaceful protest and take a neutral standpoint, not supporting or endorsing any groups or individuals.

"Our aim was to ensure public safety and to minimise disruption to the city centre during today's events and everything went to plan. 

"We will continue to have a visible policing presence in Newcastle city centre for the rest of the day and into this evening."

Details of arrests:

37-year-old Newcastle man arrested on suspicion of assault
20-year-old Halifax man arrested on suspicion of breach of the peace
43-year-old Newcastle man arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly
17-year-old arrested on suspicion of breach of the peace
54-year-old from South Yorkshire  arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly