Keeping communities informed

12 Mar 2015 17:20 PM

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Keeping rural communities informed about crime and local policing is at the heart of 'community messaging' - including crime prevention Farmwatch bulletins - which have gained traction across Northumberland.

Community messaging started in 2008 and has now grown with monthly news and regular crime prevention advice bulletins to almost 3,000 people across the county and beyond, many of whom have also signed up for timely 'crime alerts'. Bulletins are emailed and crime alerts issued via email, text message or voicemail, whichever best suit individuals.

Crime alerts are issued to people living near where an incident has been reported, giving the time, location and type of crime such as vehicle theft from a farm.  Residents are asked to respond with any sightings of suspicious vehicles or people which can provide detailed local information to help police catch offenders, and prevent other neighbours being targeted.

The news bulletins include a round-up of reported crime with advice on how to prevent other offences, information about local events, police surgeries and useful contacts.

Farmwatch isn't the only 'watch' scheme operating in Northumberland other specialist groups including boats, churches, caravan parks, schools, shops, pubs and of course the long established neighbourhood watch schemes.

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