Operation Recovery makes a difference

19 Mar 2015 13:18 PM

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Police in Northumberland are targeting criminals and receiving an invaluable helping hand from the community.

Operation Recovery which started last summer has seen officers make arrests and recover property stolen after burglaries in rural communities.

The initiative also puts residents at the heart of the police activity by supporting victims and encouraging people to report suspicious activity on their doorstep including strangers and vehicles, especially when they're seen in out of the way locations and at odd hours.

Superintendent Mick Paterson said: "Since the operation got underway we've been able to successfully utilise the great public spirit of our Northumberland communities - with people keen to help protect their local neighbourhoods from crime.

"People are now ringing in to police with information about any suspicious activity which they've seen.  By acting on this additional intelligence together with our policing activity we have been able to prevent crime, recover stolen property and make arrests.

"Most importantly we've been able to increase the public's confidence in how we police their communities.  Local people now know that when they report information to us we listen and quickly act on it, this provides extra reassurance to victims of crime.  We also make sure we fully update callers with what we've done and how the information they've given us has helped."

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