Lock out sneak thieves

05 Aug 2015 09:59 AM

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Police are reminding Gateshead residents to lock out sneak thieves.

The warning comes after recent incidents in the Low Fell and Bensham area where thieves have gained access to houses during the day which have been left unlocked.

In the same area, there has also been a slight increase in car thefts after vehicles were also left unlocked.

Now police are urging residents to follow crime prevention advice and stop giving thieves an easy opportunity.

Neighbourhood Inspector, Colin Lowther, said: "Having your home or car broken into is extremely upsetting. But victims of this crime can also be left feeling extremely frustrated when they think they could have prevented it by simply locking thieves out.

"Thieves are opportunist and will try doors in the hope they will find one unlocked. It then takes them seconds to make off with easily taken items left near a front or back door. This could also include car keys with thieves going a step further and stealing the vehicle.

"Our advice is simple - take a few moments to always lock your doors, even if you're in the house.

"Valuables, including car keys, should be kept out of sight and reach of windows and doors. Cars should be locked at all times, even if only leaving them for a few minutes, and anything of value should be removed.

"A break-in or theft is frustrating and distressing but could also cause financial hardship as insurance companies may not pay out.

"While we continue to take action to tackle thieves it's important people take crime prevention steps to reduce their risk of falling victim to such a crime.

"It's equally important for residents to report any suspicious or unusual activity in their areas to police as soon as possible."

People can contact police on 101, extension 69191. In an emergency call 999.

Further crime prevention advice is available on the Northumbria Police website:

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