(T1 120815 LK) Persistent shoplifter given Criminal Behaviour Order

12 Aug 2015 09:00 AM

Elaine Rutherford [View Full Size]

A persistent shoplifter has been banned from a Newcastle shopping centre after being handed a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).

Elaine Rutherford, of no fixed abode, was given the CBO following a hearing at Newcastle Magistrates' Court in June in relation to shoplifting offences.

The 46-year-old is banned from entering any retail premises within the Newcastle Parking Meter Zone (as defined by a map) for a period of two years.

The order follows several convictions for shoplifting over the past two years. If breached, Rutherford faces a prison sentence.

Newcastle City Centre Neighbourhood Inspector Darren Adams said: "I'm pleased this CBO has been put in place. Rutherford's offending has been carried out in stores across the city centre resulting in a string of shoplifting convictions.

"I hope this two-year order will put a stop to this offending behaviour and I'd urge the public and retailers to help enforce it. If anyone sees Rutherford in the city centre then let us know.

"Theft of goods from stores can lead to an increase in prices to offset the cost of shoplifting which will affect shoppers. We want people to come to Newcastle and have an enjoyable experience. We hope our efforts to shelve shoplifting will go a long way to making sure this is the case.

"This order will provide the police and courts with greater powers to deal with Rutherford more effectively. Police in the city centre have had some excellent results lately in relation to tackling anti-social begging and legal high use.

"This CBO is a further example of Northumbria Police's commitment to using all the legislation at their disposal to make Newcastle a safer place for residents and visitors to the city."

If you see Rutherford in the City Centre contact police on 101 or speak to security staff.

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