Police support Europewide speed operation

18 Aug 2015 10:00 AM

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Northumbria Police is supporting a Europewide speeding operation.

Officers from the force's motor patrols unit will be joining forces across the whole of Europe this week to take part in a seven day speed enforcement operation.

The activity is being coordinated by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) and will run from Monday, August 17, to Sunday, August 23.

The purpose of the operation is to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding, and to remind drivers of the benefits for all road users of driving at speeds that are both legal and appropriate.

The week will see officers from the force's road safety team Operation Dragoon carrying out a number of speed check operations in key locations throughout the force area.  Mobile speed cameras will be located in hotspot areas throughout the week to try and identify speeding and dangerous drivers.

Motor Patrols Chief Inspector John Heckels explains why the force is backing the campaign: "Northumbria Police is committed to doing all we can to make our roads safer for everyone and we will continue to identify and take action against those motorists who are causing a danger to other road users.

"The simple fact is speed kills and the actions of one motorist driving faster than they should be can have a devastating and irrevocable effect on the lives of many more.

"Speed limits are in place for very good reason, the faster someone drives the less time they have to react if something unexpected happens. The difference between a few miles per hour can be the difference between life and death."

TISPOL President Aidan Reid said: “We urge all drivers to challenge their own attitude to speeding. Anyone who still believes that speeding is a trivial offence needs to think again. That’s because excessive or inappropriate speed has a singularly devastating impact on the safety of road users, increasing both the risk of a crash and the severity of the consequences.

“It is estimated that speeding contributes to as many as one third of all crashes resulting in death, and is the most important contributory factor to road deaths and serious injuries (ETSC 2008). All across Europe this week, police officers will be ensuring that drivers respect the different speed limits. In cases where drivers choose to ignore these limits, officers will take appropriate steps to enforce the law.”

A similar TISPOL operation in August 2014 saw a total of more than 580,000 detections in 28 countries across Europe.