Cadets tour police firearms facility

19 Aug 2015 09:00 AM

Cadets visit [View Full Size]

North Tyneside volunteer police cadets were given a tour of the Northumbria Police firearms facility recently.

The teenagers were shown around the force's state of the art Firearms Support Unit in Follingsby earlier this month.

The group learnt about the role of firearms officers and found out for themselves the rigorous training regime that officers authorised to carry firearms must meet to ensure they have the necessary skills and abilities to protect the public.

Chief Inspector George Maratty, Head of Firearms Unit said: "It is a pleasure to welcome such motivated young people to meet my staff at our internationally recognised facility. I look forward to continuing with this developing relationship and wish the young people all the success in the future."

The cadets meet weekly at training sessions in the city to learn about policing roles and develop team building skills they can use at school and in a future workplace.

Northumbria Police Volunteer Cadets join the scheme aged 14 or 15. Senior Cadets are aged around 17 and 18. For more information about the scheme visit the Northumbria Police website

Pictured at the firearms training facility are: PCSO Kate Graham, with North Tyneside Police Cadets Kai Hall, Sarah Jenkins, Markus Sawyers, Jazzmin Orchard, Jack Hutchinson, Chloe Bland, Joseph Weir, Sean Taylor, Peter Black, Aiden Close, Jake Lamb, and PC Michael Vent.

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