Two dangerous drivers removed from our roads

21 Sep 2015 13:18 PM

FW JE Op dragoon - motorcyclist [View Full Size]

Two dangerous drivers have been taken off our roads after a crackdown on speeding across the region.

The Operation Dragoon team target dangerous drivers and have been successful in securing hundreds of prosecutions since being founded in Spring 2013.

Working with other officers from Northumbria Police's Motor Patrols unit they ensure our roads are some of the safest in the country.

And now the team's hard work has seen a further two dangerous drivers removed from our roads and fined after being caught putting lives at risk.

The Op Dragoon officers identified Sean Coleman, 24, as a target after he was convicted of dangerous driving in the Ashington area and they received reports he had ignored his ban.

Over a number of months they began gathering evidence that he was still driving and the team pounced as Coleman was about to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. FW JE Op Dragoon - Sean Coleman

Following the investigation he was convicted of multiple offences including dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, handling stolen goods, possession of drugs with intent to supply, driving without insurance and failing to stop for police.

A successful prosecution resulted in Coleman, of Stakeford, Northumberland, being jailed for 41 months and he has now also been disqualified from our roads for five years.

This was a fantastic example of the work the Op Dragoon team do in identifying dangerous drivers and gathering the evidence needed to sucessfully prosecute them - taking dangerous drivers off our roads is one of the main priorities of the team.

Our officers have also managed to bring a number of speeders before the courts including motorcyclist Craig Young who was caught doing more than 100mph on the Byker bypass.

Young, 33, of Burnopfield, County Durham, was caught by a mobile camera unit on a 40mph road - he was doing nearly three times the speed limit at peak rush hour time on June 18.

Our officers moved swiftly and he has now been disqualified from driving for 70 days and made to pay fines and costs totalling more than £600.

The action against Young came as part of Op Weekender which had specifically targeted motorcyclists during the summer months.

Acting Motor Patrols Chief Inspector Dave Little said: "The objective of Operation Dragoon is to remove dangerous drivers from our roads and we are delighted by these prosecutions.

"Both of these men could have caused a fatality if they continued their behaviour - they were reckless, dangerous and put lives at risk through their utter disregard for members of the public.

"This kind of behaviour is the reason why Operation Dragoon was set up and it is the reason why our officers will continue to clamp down on irresponsible drivers.

"Hopefully the sentences handed out to these two men will act as a warning to those who regularly disregard the law.

"We want to make the roads in our region as safe as possible and will continue to target those who put that vision at risk."

If you want to report a dangerous driver, or if you have any information that might help make our roads safer, then contact the Op Dragoon team by calling 101 - always ring 999 if it is an emergency.