Don't let thieves steal your Christmas

17 Dec 2015 14:02 PM

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Santa should be the only person sneaking into your house this Christmas.

Police in Newcastle and Gateshead are urging residents to take steps to protect their homes and belongings from burglars and thieves in the run up to Christmas.

Burglars are always on the look out for easy opportunities to get inside homes so make sure doors and windows are locked overnight and when leaving the house. Also ensure that valuables - like Christmas presents - are stored out of sight and somewhere safe.

Thieves are also out for easy opportunities to steal gifts, presents and valuables from cars - so ensure that no expensive items are left in cars and on show. Always lock cars overnight and when leaving them parked up and take items inside.

Central Area Command Superintendent Christina Barrett said: "Make it difficult for thieves. Don't leave shopping bags and valuable items on display, if you have to leave them in the car at all then put them in the boot where they're out of sight and double check the car is locked - even if you're only leaving the vehicle for a few moments.

"Thieves want easy pickings, leaving a vehicle unlocked just makes it even easier for them. They know people will be buying lots of expensive items at this time of year and will often simply go through car parks trying car doors on the off chance the vehicle has been left unlocked.

"Likewise, if you leave valuable items - even if it's in a shopping bag - on display a thief can clearly see that there is something worth stealing inside so it may be a bit more work for them to get into the vehicle but they know they'll be get something for it.

"Our advice is take some simple crime prevention steps and don't let thieves steal your Christmas."