Newcastle burglar jailed

22 Dec 2015 12:48 PM

Stephen Jackson [View Full Size]

A Newcastle burglar will be spending this Christmas in prison.

Stephen Jackson, 46, of Redland Avenue in Newcastle was arrested on October 9 in connection with a burglary in Laith Road in Newcastle where around £2,700 worth of jewellery and a laptop were stolen.

He was charged with the offence, along with a theft from Kenton sports centre where he stole a woman's handbag from the changing rooms.

He appeared at Newcastle Crown Court on December 4 where he pleaded guilty to the two charges, as well as a charge of possesing heroin.

He was sentenced to serve 867 days in jail for the burglary, one month for the drugs offence and a further four months for the theft - meaning he will spend over three years behind bars.

Central Inspector Alan Cairns, who oversees the Newcastle and Gateshead area burglary teams, said: "Jackson is a known and prolific burglar who has caused misery for many people across Tyneside in recent years.

"During the Laith Road burglary he stole a large amount of jewellery and we found some of this being kept at his grandmothers' address - this shows what type of man he is.

"He will be spending this Christmas behind bars and that will come as a relief to many people. His sentence should act as a warning to all burglars in Newcastle and Gateshead that if they are going to break into homes then they will be arrested and pay the price."