Police focus on an area of the Quayside in search for Sally Allan

31 Dec 2015 16:30 PM

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Saturday, January 2

Update in relation to missing Ponteland woman Sally Allan.

The family of Sally and the Police are growing increasingly concerned for her welfare.

Police are focusing on an area of the Quayside near to the Swing Bridge after a confirmed CCTV sighting of Sally at the rear of the Copthorne hotel at around 6am on Boxing Day.

Chief Inspector Stephen Readdie of Northern Area Command said: "We have been reviewing CCTV and are carrying out extensive enquiries to establish where Sally may have gone on Boxing Day morning.

"Our focus remains on the Quayside and marine searches will continue in the river Tyne."

Anyone with information to help is asked to contact Police on 101.


Thursday, December 31

Police are releasing CCTV footage of the last confirmed sighting of missing woman Sally Allan.

Officers are releasing CCTV images that show Sally Allan walking along side the River Tyne at the rear of the Copthorne Hotel on Newcastle Quayside at around 6am on Boxing Day.

She is walking from west to east and the camera loses sight of her as she approaches the Swing Bridge.

This is approximately three hours after she left her home in Ponteland.

From the footage she appears to be walking at a fast pace and is wearing a cream coloured Regatta waterproof anorak on top a cream coloured fleece and pyjama top and bottoms.

Although there has been a lot of speculation around different sightings of Sally this is the last confirmed that we have of her.  



Police are releasing the images in an appeal to anyone who might have been in the areas on the route she walked, or in the Quayside area around 6am, and who might have seen Sally that morning.

Chief Inspector Stephen Readdie said: "We have reviewed the CCTV from the rear of the Copthorne Hotel and we can confirm this is Sally and it is the last confirmed sighting we have of her.

"The footage shows her walking west to east past the Copthorne and along the river. We lose sight of her around the Swing Bridge area and it unknown where she went from this point - she could have gone towards the city centre, across the bridge over towards the Hilton Hotel and Tyne Bridge, or continued along the Quayside following the river, enquiries are being carried out into all of these possibilities.

"She has walked from Ponteland down to the Quayside and although it's early Boxing Day morning people could have been out walking their dogs, coming or going to work and the pace she was walking, and the way she was dressed, may have seemed unusual to anyone who passed her and might have caught their attention.

"All the help from the public has been fantastic so far and in order for us to follow up all of the sightings and information then anyone who thinks they might have seen Sally must ring it in on 101 and pass it onto police this way, to ensure it is followed up and checked out."

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We have teams of officers carrying out searches of the route that Sally took and the Quayside area. They are speaking to local residents and business owners, checking CCTV in the areas and appealing for sightings and information.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact 101.

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