Police advice to avoid telephone scammers

04 Jan 2016 16:21 PM

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Police are reminding the public to remain vigilant to the problem of telephone scammers - as fraudsters are continuing to operate.

Officers have received three reports of attempted fraud and one of actual fraud - all today  (Monday, January 4) - where offenders have purported to be from the Metropolitan Police investigating bank fraud.

These have involved the offenders asking victims to complete bank transfers. In three cases none of the victims who have reported the incidents have transferred any money, but most recently one person did and transferred over a large sum.

Detective Inspector Angela Hufton wants to remind the public to be on their guard and continue to follow police advice to protect themselves from becoming a victim of these fraudsters.

DI Hufton said: "We want to make it clear than no police officer will ever ask you to move funds from one bank account to another. That simply would not happen.  Anyone who says they are a police officer and asks you to do this are fraudsters.

"I would ask that you remain vigilant and try and look after family, friends or neighbours who could be susceptible to these criminals. Pass on our advice and contact us immediately if it is believed they have had a similar call or been targeted online."

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