15 people arrested in targeted days of action

08 Jan 2016 00:00 AM

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Police in Sunderland and South Tyneside have arrested 15 people in targeted days of action.

The arrests were made on Wednesday and Thursday of men and women wanted in connection with outstanding crimes - ten men and one woman were arrested in Sunderland and four men in South Tyneside.

Three warrants were also carried out at addresses in Sunderland.

Controlled drugs were recovered after a warrant at Laurens Court in Concord, Washington, and the offender reported for the offences. The offender will now appear at court at a later date.

In Trafalgar Road cannabis plants were seized by police and the offender reported to appear at court at a later date.

For the third warrant officers assisted Cambridgeshire Police with a warrant at an address in Bankside Close, property was seized. The offender is now wanted by Cambridgeshire Police.

T/Superintendent Sarah Pitt said: "These targeted days of action reinforce our commitment to ensuring those who cause the most harm and disruption in our communities are apprehended and face the consequences of their actions and criminals who think they can get away with committing crime can think again.

"We carry out this sort of activity on a daily basis, we have identified those offenders who are causing the most disruption and have officers dedicated to targeting them and seeking them out each day until they are arrested.

"In their efforts to track down criminals, officers will also visit the family and friends of offenders and those who are evading police custody should be aware of the effect this is having on those around them. And, people who harbour these offenders, those who cover their tracks and lie about their whereabouts should also be aware police action could also be taken against them.

"As demonstrated here we will also work with other forces and our partner agencies to ensure every effort is made to capture those wanted in connection with criminal offences."

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