Pedal power helps oficers tackle crime and disorder

15 Jan 2016 10:00 AM

Bike presentation Sunderland 1 [View Full Size]

Police in Sunderland will be using pedal power to help put the brakes on crime and disorder in the west of the city, thanks to Sunderland West Area Committee.

The committee has provided funding to the team to buy six bikes.

The team will continue to carry out patrols by car and foot and will now be able to carry out bike patrols as they work to make the area even safer.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Phil Baker, of Sunderland West Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "These bikes will mean we can enhance our patrols even more providing a mix of patrols on foot, in cars and now on bikes.

"Being on a bike means officers can respond to incidents quickly - quicker than if they were on foot and also get to areas that might be more difficult in a car.

"Having the ability to carry out the mix of patrols will undoubtedly benefit the area and give officers the chance to reassure and talk with the community while on patrol as well as respond quickly if necessary."

Chair of Sunderland City Council’s West Area Committee, Councillor Peter Gibson said: "These neighbourhood  patrol bikes will provide a re-assuring presence for people across the community.


"The Area Committee is committed to creating  as safe, clean and healthy an environment as we can to live in, and being able to fund projects like this helps us work with partners to achieve that."     



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