New Inspector for Newcastle city centre

19 Jan 2016 16:25 PM

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Newcastle city centre has a new Neighbourhood Policing Inspector.

Inspector Nicola Wearing began her new role last week and is responsible for overseeing a team of Sergeants, Neighbourhood Constables and Community Support Officers in the city centre of Newcastle.

Inspector Wearing first joined Northumbria Police in 2002 and has spent her career with the force in a variety of roles in Northumberland and Newcastle.

She spent 18 months as the Neighbourhood Sergeant for the Jesmond area before being promoted to 24/7 response Inspector in 2014.

Following this she worked as a Neighbourhood Inspector in the North West of the City for a brief spell before moving to this new role.

Insp Wearing said: "I'm really pleased to be working in the heart of the city, right here in the city centre. While Neighbourhood Policing is not a new area of policing for me, the city centre has its own unique challenges because of the busy and diverse nature of it.

"I'm really looking forward to working closely with local businesses, city centre residents and other key agencies to  ensure the area remains a safe and exciting place to live, work and visit.

"I have experience at policing a wide range of different communities and at dealing with complex and vulnerable victims of crime and anti social behaviour and am looking forward to bringing these skills to my new role.

"We are always keen to hear from our communities and I'd urge people to speak to officers - tell us what your concerns are and we will see what we can do to help."

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