Police in Hexham thank the public for their help

28 Jan 2016 12:50 PM

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Police in Hexham are thanking members of the public for their help in reporting suspicious activity to the police.

There have been recent incidents where members of the public have got in contact after witnessing what they believed to be suspicious people and vehicles in the midst of committing a crime.

The reports have meant officers have been able to attend and prevent suspected burglars in their tracks.

Recent calls were received from concerned members of the public in Slaley and arrests have been made.

Hexham Neighbourhood Inspector Kevin Oates, said: "Being burgled is not just an inconvenience and costly it can also be incredibly distressing for those affected. We're committed to doing everything we can to catch those suspected of being responsible and we need the help of our local communities to do that.

"Information they have is crucial to us, whether they are reporting what they suspect to be a burglary in process or have information about those involved in burglaries - whether it be about stolen goods or those suspected of being responsible for committing the offences, we want people to get in contact.

"We're incredibly grateful to the information members of the public have already reported to us, people have contacted us when they have witnessed what they believed to be a burglary taking place and it's this sort of community spirit that helps us to reduce the number of offences being carried out."

Police are also issuing the following advice to residents when reporting suspicious people or vehicles:

-Be prepared to give an accurate description of what's happening and where.

-Inform the call handler of the exact location of the crime or give a landmark or road number.

-Always supply your mobile telephone number or landline so we can speak directly to you.

-If you are reporting a suspicious vehicle try and provide a registration number or make and model of the car.

-Take a note of a person's physical description such as tattoos or scars and the clothing they are wearing.

-If safe to do so try to take a photograph but do not put yourself in any danger.

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of burglary and had their vehicle seized following reports from members of the public about suspicious behaviour in Slaley on Thursday, January 21. They are currently on police bail pending further enquiries.

To report information about crime or disorder to Northumbria Police please ring 101 In an emergency or if a crime is taking please ring 999.